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Inessens has recently integrated Art & Sens, established in Grasse since 1979. So it seemed natural for Inessens to come and join the pole of partners of the Tourist Office to have an active role in the local life. For more than 40 years, Art & Sens, formerly Sud Graphic, has been designing and manufacturing premium cases and products related to olfactory communication (perfume cards, scent keys) used by the cosmetics and perfumery markets, ranging from micro to mass production. Art & Sens has become a key player in the region, combining quality, proximity, responsiveness and innovation.
Today with its 9 houses, Inessens is proud to be able to offer its customers a premium and innovative offer through the convergence of its businesses and the complementarity of its unique know-how.

More information on www.inessens.fr and https://www.inessens.fr/en/our-printing-workshops/art-sens/