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This cover has been created by our design agency, Atelier 7, which was able to propose an elegant design, natural colours, subtle embossing, which meet our client’s objective. Delphine Leuillet of the Vignerons du Brulhois tells how the creation and the support during the development took place: “Through this Terressence label, we sought to express the quintessence and diversity of our terroirs, while maintaining its upmarket positioning. It seemed essential to us to completely revise the packaging. When Charlène Dupuy presented us with the creation project, we were immediately seduced by it. The techniques used give this packaging a natural elegance that evokes, through the choice of colours and the structure of the paper, the diversity of our floors. As for the gilding, it brings a beautiful light to the whole. Certified High Environmental Value, Terressence is part of our global approach to environmental preservation. »

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